Obama v. Iran Nuking

The latest news from the Obama front has got to be the Iran deal not having enough to deny his bill going through the senate. I can’t believe we are really giving Iran billions of dollars and in essence allowing them to create a nuclear weapon. The sad part I heard the other day which I agree with, Obama is doing this but its going to fall on the next President when Iran does not follow the agreement.


All I know who whoever becomes President next has a lot of clean up work to do!


What’s new in the news? Obama is being pretty quiet lately… Or possibly he can’t get a word in otherwise? I mean Trump is dominating the air waves as of now anyway. What’s the deal with all the hype and coverage over him kicking a reporter out? If he look at Hillary she won’t even let hostile reporters into her conferences, so who cares of Trump jumps all over one and kicks him out? At least he let him in!! I think Trump really shot the bomb shell when he let the reporter back in to ask his questions, the reported was dominated in the Q/A…. He was way out his league… Don’t go up against trump unless you got your ducks in order and got the set to hold them!!!



Hillary strikes again!

Only in politics is the leading democrat for President, also being shown to have illegally shared classified information. It makes a lot of sense that we would now make her President Obama’s replacement. People need to get serious and they need to stop playing games we need to start fixing what’s broke in our country not continuing the cycle of putting corrupt politicians in office to continue the cycle of corruption. At this point I would say let’s X the Clinton’s AND Bush’s and put someone new and fresh in office.

Travel much?

President Obama is traveling today hitting up African countries to apparently “mend” relations and maintain a good coalition for the fight against terrorism. That’s probably not sitting well with most American’s considering he just signed an agreement to give state sponsored Iran Nuclear right’s (Long story short). In light of the stories coming out though he probably should have stayed home and helped push the Democratic party as Hillary crumbles more under light she in fact did trade top secret information on her private servers.. opps!


Anyway this stuff never ends it will be interesting to see what happens.. Everyone says Trump might deliver Hillary the presidency, the more it unfolds Hillary may deliver Trump the presidency! haha.


Enough for today!


Iran Nuclear Talk’s

Is it just me or is it wrong that the President removed congress from agreeing if the pact John Kerry agreed to with Iran? I slightly recall President Obama mentioning when he was running for President that he believed that congress should be involved in making decisions, yet it seems now he is avoiding them at every turn. Now I’m no nuclear expert but I would argue that 24 day notice for a nuclear inspection on Iran is insane. We aren’t talking about a kid in his basement trying to build a bomb, this is a nation.. I believe a nation could do a lot of cleaning in 24 days.

By the sounds of it by going to the United Nation’s President Obama officially gave the middle finger to the body he once served in.


Just me though!

Donald Trump

While I intended on making this blog about the President of the United States, currently the only one being discussed is Donald Trump!

My view:

Let’s face it people the reason why Donald Trump is doing so well in the polls is the American public agree with WHAT he is saying, NOT how he is saying it. The comments involving illegal immigrants were not thought out, but what he was trying to say is spot on. 75% or more of the people illegally crossing our boarder will commit no crime aside from crossing the boarder illegally. However, let’s face it by not being able to stop them also means we can’t stop the 25% percent crossing the boarder with every intention to commit crime and violence is not left off the table. Mr. Trump is garnering support because he isn’t submitting to the Hispanic population that is worried if we crack down on the boarder good hard working Hispanic’s won’t be able to cross at will… This is true, but that also eliminates the criminal population as well. Let’s face it, your Uncle might be the best hard working Mexican national… He should apply to come to America not sneak across the boarder.